Mother Hustler

Yard sale 101


Have a bunch of stuff lying around?  Need to make a. few extra bucks to pay for a new summer wardrobe?  I got ya covered!

How to have a successful yard sale:

  • The beauty of having yard sales nowadays, is you have the power of social media.  What does that mean for you? FREE ADVERTISING!  Take a picture of everything you have ready the day before and post it on your page (only friends will see it), or in Facebook yard sale groups (thousands of people will see it)!  Sometimes, people will even contact you wanting to come and get “first dibs”.
  • Can’t take a picture of what you have ready?  That’s ok! Take a picture the morning of your sale when you have everything outside waiting for shoppers!
  • Price EVERYTHING ahead of time!  That way you don’t have to think on the spot and accidentally say the wrong amount!  People also might not want to ask, and you could lose a sale!
  • Group kids clothing into seasons (winter, summer) and by size.  If you are using a table a sign with size and price can be very helpful.
  • All clothing that is grouped together on a table or blanket should all be the same price! (ex: all clothes are $1.00 a piece.)
  • If you have clothing that you want to get a little more for like a Halloween costume or winter coat, use a clothing rack or have a separate table.  Remember to make sure that everything has a price sticker!
  • Don’t overprice!  Keep in mind how much YOU would pay for that item!
  • Don’t be greedy, are you just taking these things to donate when you are done?  Then accept their offer, you might be helping them out!
  • When your yard sale is over because you already had everything priced you know exactly what to write on your donation sheet.  Use your total value as a charitable tax deduction.

Mom tip:

Yard sales are such a great way to clean out clutter. We all know how fast the “too small clothes” bin fills up.  Pick out your two favorite outfits for a keepsake and get to pricing!

It is also a great way to teach your kids the value of a dollar.  I have my kids gather all the toys they no longer play with to sell.  With the money the make they will be able to purchase the new thing they have had their eye on.  They quickly learn that they have to sell quite a few of their old toys to have enough money to purchase something new.  They still might not have enough and may need to come up with other ideas.  The lesson being, making money is hard work!  Once they understand how hard you work to pay for things they begin to appreciate them more.  This is a big thing in our house and a great life skill I learned as a child.  If you want that new toy, you better sell your old toys to pay for it!  It is also a great way to keep that toy clutter down. ūüėČ It’s a win, win!


Mother Hustler

In the feels

I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster lately. Our school district suddenly announced that next year would be the first year of full-day kindergarten (which I also found out about on Facebook). Because of that, I decided to leave my part time job so I could use the time I spend working on nights and weekends to be with my family. I truly love the people I work with and the customers I get to talk to so this wasn’t an easy thing to do. Neither is having my five-year-old “baby” going to kindergarten all day instead of being home with me by 10:30 am! Fast forward two days and I woke up to the best surprise from my kids and husband. They made me the best cards, got me a “Mom” sign (signs are my guilty pleasure) and beautiful colorful flowers. I was also fed my favorite breakfast and coffee. It really got me in the feels! They are my why… every day and the day I declared “Mother’s Day” because I work on the real day. ¬†I hope all the mom’s out there has a family that loves them as much as mine does on Mother’s Day.¬†


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Mother Hustler

Intro to my beautiful chaotic world

These are the ramblings of a mom that would sell her soul to stay home with her kids. ¬†In a past life, I was a self sufficient workaholic. ¬†Since giving birth to a very demanding, healthy baby girl 7 years ago, I have found every outlet possible to make enough money to stay home. ¬†I’m on my 3rd part time job, I have bought collectibles at auction and sold them on eBay, I sell my kids clothes on Facebook yard sale site to pay for their new, I still do family and friends hair, I rehab old furniture and am currently dabbling in direct sales. ¬†These things have landed me to become a self proclaimed Mother Hustler.