About Me

These are the ramblings of a mom that would sell her soul to stay home with her kids. In a past life, I was a self-sufficient workaholic. Since giving birth to a very demanding, healthy baby girl 7 years ago, I have found every outlet possible to make enough money to stay home. I’m on my 3rd part time job, I have bought collectibles at auction and sold them on eBay, I sell my kids clothes on Facebook yard sale sites to pay for their new, do family and friends hair, rehab old furniture and am currently dabbling in direct sales. These things have landed me to become a self-proclaimed Mother Hustler.

Ever hear of “champagne taste on a beer budget”? Well, that pretty much sums up most aspects of my life. My dreams; be the next Carrie Underwood (Country Music Superstar), Jeff Lewis (Interior Designer), or Josh Flagg (Million Dollar Listing Agent). In reality, my qualifications are a cosmetologist license in a state I no longer reside, 4 years experience as a Nanny and being a bad ass mom. Time to take that last one and run with it!
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My beautiful family:

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