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Back to school essentials

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Like it or not it’s time to go back to school.  This Mama isn’t ready to share her kindergartner yet but I guess it’s time to let him spread his wings.  Unfortunately, back-to-school means back to germs!  If you are a germaphobe like me, there are a few things you NEED to have on hand to protect your kids as much as you can when you’re not around.

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Bye Bye Germs

Hand Sanitizer

A big misconception is that your kids have to constantly be using hand sanitizer.  It might actually do more harm than good.  Before picking up the regular hand sanitizer, take a little time to research the draw backs of Triclosan, Parabens, and Phthalates.  Hand sanitizers might weaken your child’s immune system and cause antibiotic resistance.  This article does a great job at covering the basics.

Instead of using hand sanitizer, encourage your kiddos to wash their hands instead.  When on the go, I use my Norwex Natural Hand Cleaner to clean my hands.  It is alcohol and triclosan free and still gets rid of those yucky germs.

Purell has also come out with a hand sanitizer that is triclosan and paraben free that you can send into the classroom!

Surface disinfectant

Removing germs from your surfaces isn’t always easy, but this Mama has dealt with a lot of sicknesses so I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  For wiping down countertops, tables, or sinks that might have just been sneezed on I always turn to my envirocloth.  This way, I am getting rid of all the bacteria and thanks to the silver in the microfiber the cloth will disinfect itself.  This makes mom life much easier and more affordable!

For cloth surfaces, like the couch and those good ol’ stuffed animals, I turn to my Norwex Mattress Cleaner.  Although it is designed to battle dust mites, it also has the ability to break down all those nasty germs.  Just remember to follow the directions and let those stuffed animals sit and dry for at least 24 hours.

When it comes to all of those plastic toys (like action figures, Barbies) that might have been contaminated by the current plague I use lemon water to spray them down.  Lemon is great for its natural disinfectant properties.  Mix 15 drops of lemon essential oil in a spray bottle with distilled water.  Keep in mind that these toys sometimes get put directly in your kid’s mouth, so do you really want to be spraying them down with chemicals?!  We also add lemon to our drinking water to help boost our immune system!



Avoiding getting sick altogether would be even better, wouldn’t it?  Well to do that you need to stick to a healthy diet and try to boost your immune system as much as you can.  When researching the best way to do this for my family I came across elderberry.  I can always count on Dr. Axe for more information on topics like this.  Elderberry is great for boosting your immune system and help shorten the length of sickness if you already have a cold or the flu.  As an everyday supplement, I give my kiddos Zarbees gummies that also have Vitamin C and Zinc to help stay healthy while at school.

Those will not replace a multivitamin!  So make sure you have one of those on hand as well!!

On guard

The key to a healthy family is a healthy immune system.  You need to be “On Guard”.  Similar to something like “Airborne”, this essential oil blend was designed to protect your body from all sorts of seasonal threats.  What’s great is you can ingest it or use aromatically to boost your immune system.  Or even clean your house and clothing with it.  This is the best essential oil to have to diffuse in your house when a family member is coming down with something!

Got lice?

Rosemary repel

Ohhhhh the dirtiest of all four letter words, LICE!  There has never been a mom that hasn’t dreaded having that phone call from school that your child has acquired some extra room mates.  As soon as my daughter started elementary school I knew I had to try to keep her protected the best I could.  For the past two years, we have been using Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Shampoo and Conditioning Spray and “knock on wood” we have been bug-free.

While waiting for this in the mail, I made my own repellent at home by putting a little lavender essential oil in her shampoo.  I would also spray a little melaleuca in her hair before she got on the bus!

Here’s a list of essential oils that repel lice:

  1. Rosemary
  2. Eucalyptus
  3. Lavender
  4. Melaleuca
  5. Peppermint
  6. Cinnamon Leaf
  7. Geranium

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Obviously, not all germs can be avoided but a girl’s gotta try!


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