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The Best of Gettysburg

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Our family is blessed to be 25 minutes outside one of the most historic towns in America.  Gettysburg played a big role in the turning point of the civil war and since then has continued to educate millions of its role through history.

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Whether you are doing a self-guided tour or just visiting for the day, Little Round Top and Devil’s Den are two of my favorite land marks to visit.  On July 2, 1863, hundred’s of men gave their lives here.  The end result was a Union victory on the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Being able to stand where these soldiers stood their ground is a bit surreal, and from here you can look onto Devil’s Den below.

Little Round Top

Devil’s Den

While standing at Devil’s Den, you are on the other side of the battle.  This is where Confederate soldiers nestled behind the rocks to shoot the Union soldiers up above.  As you know, this attempt was unsuccessful but left behind is one of Gettysburg’s most distinctive landmarks.


The kiddos also love visiting Devil’s Den!

Dobbin House

Another one of our favorite spots is the Dobbin House.  This house has been standing for centuries and is truly remarkable.  Whether you are there for the history, the gift shop or for dinner, you won’t be disappointed.  This is also where my husband and I get away for a night after the craziness of the Holiday season.  In their Bed and Breakfast in the winter months, you can score an immaculate room for $69 a night, and this includes one of the best breakfasts you will ever have!

This year marks Alexandar Dobbin’s 275th birthday! Meals in the Tavern and Dining Room both feature cuisine to Rev. Dobbin’s wives recipes as you dine in candlelight and authentic decor and garb true to the era.  The Dobbin House also has a slave hideout from the underground railroad you can experience.  I can not speak any higher of this establishment and how phenomenally it has been taken care of over all of these centuries.


Sach’s Bridge

Gettysburg is also known for its covered bridges.  My husband and I are always drawn to Sach’s bridge.  It seems like every time we visit Gettysburg we end up here to take pictures.  Like most of the covered bridges, this is a great spot to do a little ghost hunting and read scary stories of the history here!

The Haunts

Because Gettysburg was the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles, this town is a HUGE hot spot of ghost hunting.  Just reading about the spooky tales in enough for some but for others, they like to try to experience them first hand.  Don’t worry there are many places to sign up for a ghost walk, but here you can sign on for a full-on investigation.

Culp’s Hill

Culp’s Hill was a family owned property where Union soldiers had set up defense.  There is a lot of history here and so many shots had been fired here that it took almost 20 years for the trees and Mother Nature to recover.  Now stands an amazing observation tower with a breath taking view.


Whether you are here for the history, the haunts or just to hike around and spend time with family, Gettysburg has it all.  Don’t forget to stop for lunch or dinner at the Dobbin House and take lots of pictures!  It is truly beautiful in any season!


*Everything expressed in this post is 100% my own opinion and personal experience.  It is to the best of my knowledge accurate, however, I am not a historian.

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  1. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the battlefields of Gettysburg – need to take my kids there sometime. Thanks for the dinner suggestion, too! And I LOVE those covered bridges in PA/NY/New England!….

  2. Well well well. I haven’t visited Gettysburg since high school, when the senior members of ‘band’ sold truly horrible, truly inedible candy in order to finance a trip. We made enough money (barely) and motored from The Midwest all the way to Washington DC (with a stop at Gburg) in a schoolbus. Without stopping. It was the first time my best friend had ever been out of the State of Illiinois. Oops I think I just started a new post. In your comments! Great piece!

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