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How I earn money as a stay at home mom

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Deciding to stay home with your kids isn’t always an easy decision.  Most find it comes with sacrifice.  The sacrifices include luxuries you might have been used to, your alone time and most of all your sanity.  (I’m somewhat joking about the sanity part.) When I first welcomed my daughter, I was 23, had no money saved and my husband had just started his career.  Money for bills was hard enough to scrape together but “extra” money was unheard of!  I knew that I wasn’t willing to leave my baby to a caregiver (nor could I afford to) so I knew I had to hustle!  

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Online sales


eBay has been one of the best tools to earn extra cash.  My mom had been selling on eBay for years before me so I had a great teacher.  She would find collectibles at auctions and yard sales and sold them in her online store.  While that is sometimes what I sell, I have mainly sold things I had from home.

Like my kid’s shoes for example, as long as they are in good condition and you can get them clean enough that you would put them on your own child they can make you substantial money back.  (I am a nut job and save shoe boxes as well!).  Also, clothes you or your child have outgrown, small appliances you got for a gift and will never use.  Your child’s electronic device they don’t use anymore, or that old video game console you have had up in the attic.  As long as you do a very thorough job of explaining all of its flaws in the description, you will do well!

My kids have always learned that if they want something new, they have to sell the old to help pay for it.  That is HUGE in our house and the best possible way to stay out of debt!


Although I haven’t sold much on there personally, Amazon is a great place to earn money.  Most are successful by buying products on clearance (70% off or more) and then reselling them through an Amazon FBA account.  You can even have Amazon, fulfill and ship all of your inventory.  I was recently told about The Selling Family and their information and stories will blow your mind!  With Amazon, your options are almost endless. You can sell homemade crafts, used items, you can even write your own book and sell it for people to download!


Another place to sell homemade goods is Etsy!  You can create your own online store to showcase your unique talents.  Whether they are knitted baby hats or hand crafted jewelry, there’s a market for it!  And if crafting isn’t your thing, you can sell vintage clothing or design custom graphics!  The fees are next to nothing, payments are secure and there are no monthly fees!

Secret Shopping


Did you know that you can get paid to get your oil changed?  Well, you can, and I did!  All you need to do is pay very close attention to your surroundings and all the customer service employees you come in contact with and you will be successful.  On some secret shops, you can even have your kids in tow and some only require a phone call to a certain business inquiring about a specific service they offer.  The BEST secret shopper company is Best Mark.  They have been around the longest and are the most dependable.

Insiders secret:  When you first sign on, the only shops available will most likely be a car service visit.  After you have completed your first visit and it gets approved (you must submit good information!) a lot more shops will become available in your area!  They are more or less the “fun” shops like upscale restaurants and hotels!  So don’t be discouraged by the initial shop.

Online surveys



Swagbucks is a total game changer!  They offer much more than online surveys!  You can watch videos, play games, take surveys, even shop and earn points!  The points rack up and you can turn them into cash or gift cards!  You can also earn some serious points by signing up for things like Blue Apron, Hulu or Honest Co.  So if you are thinking about doing so anyway, make sure you go through your Swagbucks account!  When I signed up for my Honest Co subscription, Swagbucks was offering a 2500 Swagbucks bonus for signing up!  2500 SB= $25 gift card and I can cancel my subscription anytime!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the only other survey site I have found that is worth your time.  Even still, it takes time to earn some cash so be prepared!

 Website testing



Usertesting is so cool!  Basically, you are paid to talk out loud about a specific website.  Clients want to know your first impressions, and what you think when you are navigating their page.  Ex:  “Why is that tab over there?”, “Why is that button yellow?”, “I can’t find the main page!”.  Just like if you are doing a secret shop in a grocery store, the outcome is to help the client make their website more user-friendly.

Much like online surveys, you will need to take a screener test to see if you qualify.  You MUST answer the questions truthfully or you won’t be compensated!  If you do, you will be given specific instructions about what the client is looking for. Then you will need to make sure your microphone is ready to go and start the test.  Start saying your thoughts out loud as soon as you begin and follow the rest of the instructions.  If you submit a quality screening you will be compensated $10!  Make sure you watch the videos on how to be a 5-star tester!

Direct sales


I know, for most people the thought of direct sales makes you cringe!  I totally understand and that’s how I felt too until I was introduced to the wonderful world of Norwex.  I originally signed up to grow my own stash but what I discovered was that most moms nowadays would take pride in having a chemical free home.  Better yet, they get to cut their cleaning time in more than half!  What’s that you hear? A product that sells itself and pays the bills!


earn money


In order to make any side hustle successful, you have to have patience, be consistent and be willing to put in the time.  While these are tools I use as a stay at home mom, they can also be in addition to a full or part time job!  Don’t forget, where there’s a will there’s a way!


*I may earn a referral bonus for some of the links used in this post.  Keep in mind, that I would never promote something I didn’t use and love myself!

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