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Finding natural, chemical free solutions has been a big part of my household lately.  The chemicals used in our day-to-day products now-a-days are absolutely terrifying and they enter the bloodstream of our little ones in 26 seconds!  After lots of research I have found my favorite summer kid’s products!!

Never forget that your skin is you largest organ and you need to read the labels of everything that it comes in contact with it!  With my little lecture out of the way, I have found some awesome products to jumpstart our summer!  Ok, the basics… shampoo and conditioner.  This kids Mango & Carrot Shampoo and Conditioner by Shea Moisture smells sooooo good!  It is extra moisturizing so you don’t need conditioner every day but it is great if you have spent a few days in the pool!  Did I mention how good it smells?!  I could sniff it all day!  Don’t let the carrot part deter you!!


If you aren’t already aware, sunscreen can be SO dangerous!!!  If you aren’t able to or don’t have time to make your own, there are some great natural products out there for you to use.  This Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Coconut Spray is so easy to use, doesn’t leave a white residue and smells fantastic!  We spray that all over our body and then use Lemongrass Spa’s tinted sport stick for our faces.  The sport stick smells like vanilla, not yucky sunscreen… we love it!  If you are unsure if what you have on hand is safe for your little ones, I urge you to look up their ingredients.  If nothing else, check to see if it contains oxybenzone.  Oxybenzone is a serious endocrine disruptor!  Please head on over to Wellness Mama for a wealth of information on this topic and the best homemade sunscreen recipe!!



Another thing you have to be mindful of is all the junk they put in bug sprays!  Just like sunscreen, you think you are doing something right just by using some kind of preventative but you may be doing more harm than good…  Whether or not they have been able to prove if Deet is really harmful remains unknown but there’s really no reason to expose yourself to chemicals if you don’t have to.  Aside from the Deet there are other chemicals like Picaridin.  There are plenty of natural options so don’t even go there.  I was in a pinch and needed a good natural bug spray for camping so I turned to Lemongrass Spa’s bug-a-boo.  After spraying it on every couple of hours, I walked away with absolutely NO bug bites, and I usually get eaten alive!



Last year I made my own and had great success as well.  Here is my recipe:


Ok, so you got the shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen and bug spray now we have to keep it fresh with deodorant and toothpaste!  One of my favorite brands is Tom’s of Maine.  My kids love their toothpaste, they have silly strawberry and orange mango.  While 7 and 5 isn’t really old enough to be wearing deodorant (or need it anyway), my son would always use Daddy’s while “getting handsome” for the day.  My friend brought to my attention that regular men’s deodorant could possibly contain parabens, aluminum and possibly propylene glycol.  Aluminum is linked to all sorts of crazy things like Parkinson’s disease!  Check out this informative article for more info:  Potential Dangers of Antiperspirants. Lucy, 7, has the Tom’s of Maine Summer Fun deodorant and Jackson, 5, has the Fresh Kid’s boys deodorant.



Nothing you saw tickled your fancy?  How about Honest company?  I’m sure you’ve heard of this one before. (They are the one’s with the commercials with the super cute babies, dancing in diapers.)  I can show you how to get their best products at the BEST price!

Step 1. Join Honest Company through my link

Step 2. Click “My bundle” (I set up an essentials bundle)

Step 3. Mix and match whatever you need!

Step 4. Use code SHOP10 at check out

Step 5.  If you do not want to receive this package every month, make sure to cancel your subscription!

I got 2 hand soaps, 1 face and body lotion, 1 sunscreen, 1 shampoo + body wash, and 1 laundry detergent for $30 shipped!  Considering the price of just the sunscreen is $13.99 in the store that’s pretty darn good!  This is also a great way to purchase diapers and prenatal vitamins!!!  When I ordered, this was a featured deal on Swagbucks, so I also get 2500 SB for ordering!!  This will be turned into a $25 gift card!



Mom tip:  There are so many great, all-natural products out there and every day they are getting more accessible and affordable.  The biggest selling point to children is the packaging!  We all know they want toothpaste that has their favorite character on it but in reality they are packed full of synthetic ingredients, dyes and fragrances.  To avoid melt downs, try to sell it to them by the smell or the taste!  Just because the body wash has a picture of Spiderman on it, doesn’t mean its going to smell good!  Honestly, when these products first started making an appearance they were super pricey and this steered a lot of frugal mama’s (like myself) away but now if you compare these brands to what you have at home, they’re really not that much more.  They also are on sale a lot and have started publishing coupons!  When buying them through Amazon, you can buy them in bulk and/or add them to your subscribe and save to get them even cheaper!





*This post contains affiliate links.  I do not promote any products that I do not love or don’t use myself!  I may possibly receive a small commission from Amazon and Honest company if you use my links.

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