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After a year and 3 doctors, I finally found a doctor that did not make me feel silly for having “pregnancy symptoms” and no pregnancy.  I continued to research possible causes and had a good feeling it was due to ovarian cysts.  With my new doctors help, we were able to confirm this and move on knowing that this was all stemming from endometriosis.

Last year (March 2016), I was surgically diagnosed with endometriosis.  After months and months of dealing with pain so excruciating I would have to pull over the car, I was started on birth control to manage symptoms and prevent the spread of more cells.  Unfortunately, it worked for a couple of months until I started having chest pains.  My primary doctor had me stop the birth control and put me on Naproxen for Chostocondritis.  I was starting to feel a little better until I was having such severe leg pain that I could cry from just laying in bed.  After ruling out a blood clot at the local emergency room, yet coming home with no answers I came to the conclusion that I was now having rare side effects to the Naproxen.  With still no plan to manage the endometriosis, I was back at the OB.

We now tried the Nuvaring, which we were hoping would work because I had been on it prior to having children and the hormones are absorbed differently.  What came next was extreme stomach cramping and severe mood changes.  I truly felt like I was spirally out of control!  I have never felt so “crazy” in my life!  I tried to stick it out but it was unbearable and I had to remove it.  So there we were back at zero again…

This is so much easier to write about than it was to live it.  It was such an emotional time because if I didn’t find something to help with pain management, I would always be miserable, the endo would spread and things would get much worse instead of better.

My doctor was throwing out words like Lupron, and Depot Provera.  Do you know what Lupron does?  It puts you into a medically induced menopause.  You know what it was first used for?  Treating prostate cancer.  The side effects are potentially life changing!  They range from mood swings to irreversible long-term joint pain.  With my track record with side effects, was this a risk I willing to take?  After so much research I thought my eye balls were going to fall out and reaching out to friends that I had tried Lupron, I just wasn’t willing to risk it.

Ok, so what’s the new plan? Last resort was the lowest dose estrogen birth control on the market.  It was working a FEW months, YAY!!!!

And then, the chest pains came back….  So after months of tears and seemingly impossible decisions, I decided I needed to somehow pain manage until I was old enough to warrant getting a hysterectomy.  (29 is not old enough to go through menopause!). Here goes more research and reaching out to people…

I was now educated on the benefits of using organic feminine hygiene products. Do you know what is in those things?  The answer is a bunch of hormone and endocrine disruptors!!!! They are not something you want to be putting into your body!  I was also introduced to Doterra Clary Calm.  I wasn’t expecting a miracle from essential oils in a roller ball, but that’s basically what I got!  Rolling this sucker on top of my ovaries is the only thing, to this day that can give me any type of pain relief…. SERIOUSLY!

I also use Vitex (Chasteberry) to balance my hormones.  It keeps my periods regular, treats PMS like symptoms.  My pain has diminished so much after taking this consistently over the last year.  Do I occasionally have flare ups?  Yes.  But do I mostly feel human again? Absolutely.  This stuff has given me my quality of life back, and I tell everyone about it!

One year ago I never thought I would be able to get through the pain without having a hysterectomy and I was so scared with how having one at 29 would change my life.  Now, I just take it one day at a time and I feel great!  No drugs, no chemicals, no side effects!


holistic healing


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