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In the feels

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I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster lately. Our school district suddenly announced that next year would be the first year of full-day kindergarten (which I also found out about on Facebook). Because of that, I decided to leave my part time job so I could use the time I spend working on nights and weekends to be with my family. I truly love the people I work with and the customers I get to talk to so this wasn’t an easy thing to do. Neither is having my five-year-old “baby” going to kindergarten all day instead of being home with me by 10:30 am! Fast forward two days and I woke up to the best surprise from my kids and husband. They made me the best cards, got me a “Mom” sign (signs are my guilty pleasure) and beautiful colorful flowers. I was also fed my favorite breakfast and coffee. It really got me in the feels! They are my why… every day and the day I declared “Mother’s Day” because I work on the real day.  I hope all the mom’s out there has a family that loves them as much as mine does on Mother’s Day. 

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