Save time cleaning with microfiber and water!

*post contains affiliate links Have you ever heard a Mom say, “Man I wish I could spend all day cleaning!”?  Yep, me neither. What’s worse is being a clean freak/germophobe that would rather get a root canal that clean the house.  Recently, I have discovered how to be a clean freak and a lazy house wife… Read More Save time cleaning with microfiber and water! USA, LLC
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My favorite summer kid’s products

Smell-so-good, all natural products to rock your summer! Finding natural, chemical free solutions has been a big part of my household lately.  The chemicals used in our day-to-day products now-a-days are absolutely terrifying and they enter the bloodstream of our little ones in 26 seconds!  After lots of research I have found my favorite summer… Read More My favorite summer kid’s products USA, LLC
Mother Hustler

In the feels

I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster lately. Our school district suddenly announced that next year would be the first year of full-day kindergarten (which I also found out about on Facebook). Because of that, I decided to leave my part time job so I could use the time I spend working on… Read More In the feels USA, LLC