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School’s out for summer!

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We made it!  How did another year of school fly by so fast?  Like it or not, I officially have a second grader and a kindergartener…. *Sigh*  Another year didn’t fly by without a lot of hard work.  Lucy channels every bit of energy into being the perfect student.  She gets acknowledged for helping others, being a good friend, and excelling in her work.  Even though she comes home a total wildebeest that has saved up an entire days worth of bad attitude, her hard work can’t go unnoticed!  Jackson progressed leaps and bounds in pre-k, both socially and academically so he also deserves a great send off into summer!  I thought I had an endless amount of time before both my babies were off to elementary school but boy was I wrong.  You know what I will be getting for my send off into summer vacation?  Therapy.  Many expensive hours of therapy…

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On a lighter note, I have been saving up a few things for my kiddos to get excited about their time off!  That’s what summer’s all about, right?  We all deserve a little break!  For those exemplary report cards, my kids are getting a summer grab bag with new beach towels and outside toys!

Summer vacation is an exciting time and your kids are going to want to hit the ground running!  In order to keep everyone on the same page, sit the kids down and come up with a “bucket list”.  If you have little ones this will be the “family list”.  The family list will be full of things for everyone to do together. I urge you to keep it things that are somewhat easily achievable, things that you have been meaning to do but your schedules haven’t allowed it and things that EVERYONE enjoys, so there is no unnecessary fighting! There are enough disagreements as it is, you don’t need to make it harder on yourself!  Keeping everything easily achievable is also a must, to alleviate unnecessary mom guilt.  At the end of the summer, when you’re able to cross everything off it’s going to feel soo good!  This is what we have come up with for this summer:

Does your local bowling alley participate in the “Kids Bowl Free” program?  Check it out here: Kids Bowl Free  You can register any child under 15 and they get 2 free games a day!  What’s great is they also offer a Family Pass so that up to 4 adults can join in on the fun.  The Family Pass for the whole summer is $29.95 but keep an eye out in your email for coupon codes!  I did mine on Memorial Day weekend and got $5 off.  All you need to bring to the bowling alley is the coupon they sent to your email for that week’s pass and rent bowling shoes.  At our local bowling alley, shoe rental is only$1.50 during open bowling times.

Another great opportunity I take advantage of, is the free summer movies.  Here, they play every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.  Jackson is only 5, so when we first started going to the summer movies he was only 2.  This was a great way for him to see his first movie and knowing that if he started to melt down I wasn’t risking any money was a total win for me.  A lot of times we didn’t make it to the end, especially through the days of potty training but we still had fun and got out of the house.  I eventually learned that with the use of popcorn, we could make it at least an hour.  3 years later, he sits through the whole thing no problem and loves movies like me and my husband do!  This is our summer list, obviously you need to check our your theater’s website for yours: RC Theaters Hanover

What I think I am going to do in addition to the family list is a list they come up with on their own.  Make sure when having them do their own “bucket list” that it is full of things they are able to do without your help.  Example:  Make a bracelet, play hop scotch, watch Diary of a wimpy kid, practice riding my bike.  The hope is when they come to me and say “I’m SO BORED” I can say, “Why don’t you do something off your list so you can cross it off?”  Wishful thinking I’m sure but we’re going to give it a whirl!

Ok, so not all of it something they can do on their own but I said I would give it a whirl!  Since Lucy is 7 and Jackson is 5, they are the perfect age for doing summer time activities without my constant assistance.  I think this might be our best summer yet and I hope it is yours too!  Happy Summer!


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  1. These are great ideas! I’m a part of a FB group for moms in my neighborhood and its a great source for free or almost free activities. I would never know about any of these types of programs without the help of other moms. Enjoy your summer with your kiddos!

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