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How to stock up your camper for next to nothing

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Purchasing a camper was one of the best things we ever did!  We finally found a way to vacation and spend time together as a family in a way we could afford.  When it came to stocking it up we had to do it on a budget!

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Stock up at the dollar store!

  • scissors
  • trash bags
  • storage/ Ziploc bags
  • shelf liner
  • napkins
  • dish & hand soap
  • toothbrushes/ toothpaste
  • measuring cups
  • chip clips
  • ice cube trays
  • band-aids
  • tissues
  • drawer organizers for silverware
  • silverware
  • dust pan
  • sponges
  • bathroom trash can (recycle grocery bags for trash bags)
  • kitchen & hand towels
  • oven mitt
  • batteries
  • plastic bins for clothes
  • utensils (spatula, slotted spoon)
  • foil
  • small dish drying rack
  • clothes line
  • clothes hanging clips
  • plastic cups
  • paper plates
  • place mats


stock up your camper

Stock up for free!

  1. My dad is always away at different hotels on business so he brings back all of those complimentary shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, lotion, body wash, and soaps.  They really come in handy because the smaller item the better when working with such a small space and we’re not always gone for long periods of time.
  2. Most campground food stands or fast food restaurants have salt and pepper and other condiment packets so grab a few extras to save for later!

Stock up at Five Below!

Other great bargain opportunities are the under $5 section when you first walk into Target and Five Below.  This is where I get all of our vacation activities for the kids like pool toys, frisbees, jump ropes, beach umbrella, sunscreen, sports balls, and activity books for when it’s raining. (We stock up on Mad-Libs and markers at Five Below).  This is also where you can score an over the door hook for extra towel storage.


stock up your camper

Stock up at thrift stores!

My wise friend, Emily reminded me of the importance of thrift stores and what can they do for your camping needs!  Goodwill is an excellent place to find pots and pans, storage accessories, board games, you name it!  And one of the nearby thrift stores probably offers a day where you can find things half off!  In our neighborhood, Community Aide offers 50% off on Wednesdays.

Stock up from home!

As far as blankets, rugs and bath towels I just use old ones from home. And stock up on pillows when Kohl’s has their “The Big One” pillows for $2.97 and I have Kohl’s cash or a coupon to use.  Speaking of Kohl’s, I was able to get a Farberware pot and pan set as a Black Friday deal and earned Kohl’s cash that later was put towards Christmas presents… it was a total score!

If you are new to camping you will soon discover that space management is a very important thing.  It takes a bunch of trial and error to realize the best way to be able to bring everything you need and not lose your mind at the same time.  A big thing for me was finding a place for wet towels where they could actually dry.  I found this foldable drying rack at Wal-Mart and it was the best $9 I ever spent!


how to stock up your camper


Most people buy campers to be able to unplug from our technology based day-to-day life so there is no reason to spend a fortune on camping supplies!  The simplicity is the beauty of it!  Our camper is half the size of an average tiny home and I wouldn’t trade the time we have spent in there for the world!  I would however like a little more room to shave my legs… but hey!  You can’t have it all right?!


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